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The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is book one of a three part series that explores the fascinating story of the Fall of Lucifer.


Lucifer, God’s perfect creation. Yet a creation who rose up to betray his Lord and bring Heaven itself to civil war.


Many tales have referenced this great angelic war but few have sought to explore the dynamic relationship between God and the angelic hosts.


Why did a third of heaven seek to overthrow their creator? See Lucifer and his actions in a light never before seen.


Journey back to the beginning, and see the drama unfold before your eyes: as allegiances are broken; choices made, and why all of creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God!


The Prequel to the Bible is here!

Amazon's #1 best selling book in Christian Fantasy 6-17-14!

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars

"the story line was so believable that I had to keep reminding myself that it was fiction…."

 An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars!

"Speculative fiction at its finest."

Listen to Angelo Di Loreto's audition for the audio book!

Coming this summer!

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